Happy Ostara, Everyone!

Today is the Spring Equinox in the western hemisphere, also known as Ostara. One of the aspects of Earth-based practice I enjoy most is the idea that for half of the year, we are celebrating growth of the new (including ideas) and harvest, while the other half we are letting go of that which does not serve. It’s a good, balanced philosophy that works toward wholeness and always inspires me as a writer.

Here’s a meditation in observance, from T. Thorn Coyle.
“We are the coming together of disparate things.
We are the opening dawn of a new spring.
Oh radiant light that burns in each heart, fill us with the power of desire. Oh radiant light, that burns in each mind, teach us to know, clearly, what we seek. Oh radiant light that burns in each now, show us how to lead the way to justice and to beauty. Let us be on fire, like burning suns and stars. Let us shine, giving glimmering hope to that which has been heretofore obscured.
The fertile darkness opens to receive the sun. Something new is growing, bursting through fresh earth.”

5 thoughts on “Happy Ostara, Everyone!”

  1. Indeed. Today it snowed. In Texas. I hope that tomorrow I actually get to experience "the dawn of a new spring"!

    Thanks for a lovely poem.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    The weather here has been strange, too. Today was one of a handful of days this year that I haven't worn a sweater. It's Florida, for goodness sake!

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