What I’m thinking now

The Thinker and Death, by Bel17b (Deviant Artist). Image used under Creative Commons.
The Thinker and Death by Bel17b (Deviant Artist). Image used under Creative Commons.

Drawing, which I’m not doing.

Writing, which I AM doing, no matter how gross or stolen (or sometimes perfect) those moments feel.

Heteropatriarchy and the damage it does every day.

Women Destroy Science -Fiction, which is practically the best thing ever.

My third, most recent Interzone sale, which I will say more about later.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Ursula K. Le Guin and the hermeneutics of love.

Clarion West, which is four years ago for me and right around the corner for others.

The desert, Trickster mythology and motorcycles.

Changing my name.

#Draw365 January 9, 2013 Shoe

I skipped yesterday, Le Sigh. I’d thought I might do two sketches today to make up for it, but opted not to.

I may be building up for the Janelle concert next Tuesday…

shoes are hard

#Draw365 January 6, 2013 Happy hiker

happy hiker
happy hiker

I wish I could capture the natural beauty of the ridge I’m trying to depict here, and the happy smile of my favorite person.

I have to think that practice can only help!

This one is for Remy, in case you can’t tell who it’s supposed to be.

#Draw365 January 5, 2013 Saguaro

Saguaro on Tumamoc Hill
Saguaro on Tumamoc Hill

On day two of my #Draw365 efforts, of course I should attempt perspective!

I adore saguaro cactus plants and their human-like figures. Road-tripping through the desert last week, I admired these slow giants standing watch on hillsides, slumping by the road, reaching to touch the enchanted sky over Arizona or even to embrace one another.

This unschooled effort is for the artist Galen Dara, who I am exceptionally blessed to call friend. Thank you for showing me Tumamoc Hill and its lovely silent occupants, clinging to life and thriving.