Coffee is Bad

A great cup of coffee is a joy. Hot, creamy, sweet and comforting. After drinking it, I begin to feel a sense of overall well-being, then a sort of euphoria, and then I experience a period of zippy, enthusiastic productivity. I can do stupid things faster, with more energy!

But apparently a really great cup of coffee makes me ill. After a while, I withdraw and feel awful for hours, woozy and even nauseated. Of course, I tend not to eat much because I’m feeling satisfied. Maybe it’s the sugar, or the caffeine, or a combination of both. Another problem is that people look at me funny when I’m talking, as if I am behaving oddly or possibly speaking faster than I should for good communication. Maybe I’m even slurring like a drunk, who knows.

Enjoying and craving that sense of well-being makes it easy to forget the bad feelings that are sure to follow. I feel like an addict, I guess. Not that I know what that’s like.

Anyway, I need to cut back.