Back on Track

Thanks to Oso Meurte and Sir Brian, I am back on track. One flash story now entering revision stage.

Thanks, guys. Still looking for other flash site recommendations if folks have any.

Meanwhile, for a taste of what kind of short fiction I like, I suggest Shimmer (it’s not flash). A free issue is up for download (did I post this before?). One story in particular caught me, called “A Painter, A Sheep, and a Boa Constrictor,” by Nir Yaniv. He’s an interesting fella in his own right.

I turned and read this tale aloud to my hubbie as soon as I’d read it through. Very nice balance of bizarre, intriguing elements and the recognizable, as well as perfect pacing. I do so love a twist ending that really works well.

3 thoughts on “Back on Track”

  1. Sorry it took me a while to get back to this one. Flash is interesting to me because it’s whole and complete while being very brief. It is a challenge to write a start-to-finish story arch in less than a 1000 words. Some publications want less than 500! I haven’t been able to manage that yet.

  2. Oh, okay! Weren’t some of those much shorter than that? Or maybe I should have clicked a link or something.

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