Has it really been a whole week since I posted? What have I been doing?

I met this guy at the UU, and this guy at the UU in Clearwater, and those were very engrossing experiences. I have been actively increasing the size of my garden, which is now yielding tomatoes every day that my family can eat.

A bit of writing and some reading, but nothing remarkable. On Wednesday, I had a meltdown of sorts over trying to coexist peacefully with my Aspie offspring. It’s very weird, driving down the road and sobbing at the same time. It feels oddly intimate and isolated at the same time when you’re sitting at at traffic light, next to other drivers, with tears running down your face. Isn’t that the name of a band, “Drivin’ and Cryin'” or something like that?

4 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. Patrick Ball and Reverend Mark Morrison-Reed seem very interesting.

    Way to go with the gardening!

    Is there something your friends can do to help alleviate the pressure? Or, do you think you just needed the drive and cry?

  2. I think I really just need time for myself, which I’m not really getting at all.

  3. So awesome you got to meet Mark Morrison Reed! How did I miss knowing this? Or have I just forgotten? Talk to me about this!

    btw, just found your blog; catching up.

  4. Oh, yeah! Joyce and I met him at the Clearwater Revival/Renewal thingy last year. I forget exactly when that was. His was the message of the evening service. Very pointed commentary on the lack of diversity and the existence of lip service to Principle in our congregations, with a little evangelism attitude thrown in. He was pretty awesome.

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