Why I Am Not Writing Now

At this very moment, at least.

I have been writing, but not completing stories. I get stuck and move on to another story idea. Even knowing that flash submissions are required to be short doesn’t help; I take forever to get to the point.

Advice from my teacher-self says: Keep writing until the good part materializes, then chop. Only I’d say it nicer to my students.

Writer-self is whining.

What do you say?

4 thoughts on “Why I Am Not Writing Now”

  1. Not that this helps with your flash stories, but I’ve always loved that your stories amble on for 63 chapters without really coming to a point. I’m sure you know which story in particular I’m referring to and the best part of it is the journey. I’ve never felt that it even needed to have a point. This can’t apply to all writing, I’m just saying I’ve always liked it.

  2. I’m having similar trouble with a couple stories. I know I need to just slog through it, get it down on paper in a first draft. Writing can be an ugly, painful process. Revising is much more artistic.

  3. I was grateful and relieved to have received good grades on my recent essays, but I had felt very disappointed by the results of my efforts on them. I feel very frustrated with my inability to organize my thoughts and coherently communicate on the page the myriad impulses of my brain. I have not found the answer. Best wishes!

  4. Write long and chop is definitely my method, often cut 25% or more from draft to finish.

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