Tell a Stranger They’re Beautiful Tuesday

One day a few weeks ago, the boredom of my day job (which I’ve since left) resulted in a singular moment of discovery: the people around me were beautiful, each in his or her own way, and I had the luxury of experiencing their beauty. My boss, my co-workers, customers. Each person there had been loved or is loved by someone (one hopes). I found myself looking through the eyes of love, and perhaps through my writer’s eyes, too, seeing each individual as a unique character with a story to tell.

I know this may sound pollyanna. And I know the title says “they” to refer to individual people (I want to use the generic plural pronoun here, even if the English teacher in me cringes at the mismatch). I’m putting aside both of those considerations. Joy and connection is to be found intentional moments, if we allow ourselves.

I felt compelled that day to tell at least one person that he/she is beautiful, to share my experience of the moment and to hopefully uplift a spirit.

I didn’t catch the name of this gentleman, but I told him he was beautiful and complimented his gorgeous beard. The exchange brought a broad smile to his face. He asked if I would be posting the photo on Facebook, and while I don’t use FB, the exchange moved me to begin a weekly post called Tell a Stranger They’re Beautiful. The posts may be about the individual, sometimes just a photo, or a few words about them depending on what I’m able to learn. I’m also interested to see how the act of approaching strangers will effect me.

Have you ever complimented a total stranger? It’s Tuesday, give it a try and tell me how it went.

5 thoughts on “Tell a Stranger They’re Beautiful Tuesday”

  1. I LOVE this. Sometimes I’m possessed by the urgent need to tell people these things. As soon as I do, sometimes I feel awkward, like I’ve overstepped a boundary I shouldn’t. But no one’s ever yelled at me for saying how beautiful their eyes are. And we should all practice it more often.

    I’ll never forget the time a total stranger said the same thing to me. It made my day. And it will make so many others’ days too, I’m willing to bet.

  2. ah wow.
    thank you for sharing this beautiful little glimpse! and also for the reminder.
    (both to complement a stranger, but also to appreciate/see the stories behind all the strangers I bump up against)

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