Tell A Stranger They’re Beautiful Tuesday #2

Today is Tuesday, and time to tell a stranger they’re beautiful!

This is Candi, also known as Lady Firestone, who I met a week ago at a local Beltane celebration.

Isn’t she beautiful? She was happy to hear the compliment and posed for this photo for me just after we’d both enjoyed watching folks dance the maypole in celebration of the spirit of love and unity in nature.

I realized before taking this that it’s been easier for me to approach men with compliments than women, and I’ve been wondering why that is (this is actually the fifth photo I’ve collected in connection with this project). As women, we have difficulty accepting compliments sometimes; our relationships with our bodies aren’t always healthy and are complicated by conflicting social and media messages. This also complicates our relationships with one another. I think my own insecurities and concerns have made it less comfortable to approach women, who in turn may be more likely to feel uncomfortable with my compliments.

What do you think?

Don’t forget to tell someone that they’re beautiful today! I’d love to hear about it.

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