(More) Whining, groaning, sniffling

Ugh. I am so sick. I knew I was sick on Tuesday morning, but instead of staying home like a good girl, I went on a field trip to Animal Kingdom with Mr. B’s homeschoolers’ group. I thought I would faint half the time we were there, but the kids had a great time, and I just collapsed after I got back home. I couldn’t/wouldn’t move this morning (and didn’t even get out of bed until noon); I had to cancel my classes, again. Luckily, I could email and call and take care of the details without getting out of bed. Thank Gods for smart phones. Poor Mr. B had to get his own cereal and entertain himself (which isn’t hard for him, fortunately).

In better news, I got the first issue of my Locus subscription today, good stuff. Dense. I flipped through and set it down for further reading when my brain comes back online.
I’ve been working on my Clarion West reading list. I finished Maureen McHugh’s China Mountain Zhang a few days ago, and I truly enjoyed it. I may write a little review sooner or later (like I said, when brain function returns). I started Ian McDonald’s The Broken Land a bit ago, but at some point I sat in front of the laptop and started watching The Guild and couldn’t stop.
Bleh. Hope I feel better tomorrow. Today feels wasted.

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  1. Glad you're getting lots of rest. Stay hydrated. I just started reading Maureen McHugh's Mothers and Other Monsters. I also want to read her novel Nekropolis.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes. Today's not shaping up much better so far, but I do feel a tiny bit better. Still working through The Broken Land. Have you read any of Okorafor's work yet? I'm not familiar with her or Joyce, but the others I've at least read a bit. I'm most excited about Datlow, I think, just because of her expertise as an editor.

  3. I'm a big fan of Nnedi! She was my mentor in a program a few years ago. I've read Zarah the Windseeker and The Shadow Speaker, both really great middle grade and YA novels. I write YA, so I'm excited about the opportunity for one-one-one time with a children's literature author.

    Today, I spoke via email with another writer who attended CW a few years ago and had the chance to work with Datlow. I hear she's intense, which sounds so awesome and inspiring!!! She's got rich experience. I definitely feel the temptation to bow in her presence. 🙂

  4. Very cool. I just ordered The Shadow Speaker today. I'm a fan of YA, if not a writer of it. I attended an informative con panel with Scott Westerfeld a few years ago that really opened my eyes. I've always liked YA, but he helped me see the mechanics of the genre, especially in terms of why it appeals to adults and the creative risks it can take compared to adult lit.

  5. You guys are way ahead of me, but the reading list sounds exciting! Lately I've had my head stuck in animal studies texts and mystery novels, so between the two I haven't had a chance to read any of the instructors' works yet. Excited about Datlow, but freaked too.

    McHugh was supposed to be on a panel at FenCon this past year but she wasn't able to make it, so I missed out on her pearls of wisdom. Looking forward to hearing them this summer!

    And Tracie, we can Whedon-out together, if it becomes appropriate. 🙂

  6. Wow, that's so cool! Scott Westerfeld rules. I've read the Uglies series with a teen reading group when I worked at a library a couple years ago.

    I like M.T. Anderson's YA work as well, particularly Feed. The risks that writers take in this genre make it exciting and refreshing to read. I read somewhere that the sale of children's literature books are up by more than 30% while other genres haven't seen much growth in recent years.

    Interesting to think about!

    Have you heard of this new genre publishers are calling New Adult? It picks up where YA supposedly ends, covering characters in their twenties.

  7. Hey, Lauren! You're not behind. I *just* started reading McHugh's collection last night. I'm buried beneath a mountain of papers to correct for students. I'll probably save the bulk of my reading after the semester ends in May.

    I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen an episode of Buffy or Angel — but I am a big fan of the Serenity movie and I've seen every episode of Firefly as well.

  8. Tracie–The Guild is a good way to cope with sickness. When sick, I tend to just wallow in bed, so anything that gets my mind off the monotony of it all is helpful. I just saw that they came out with Guild comics, but I haven't picked any up yet.

    Stephanie–thanks! I'll probably wait until May to read as well–I'm trying to finish a diss. proposal and teach four classes, so life doesn't afford me too much extra time, although I'd like more space for reading! If you're interested, start with Buffy, not with Angel. Angel has some really cheesy moments. I personally love it, but it's taken me a while to develop an affinity for it. I really liked Dollhouse too, but I think Fox stuck its hand in the cookie jar and jumbled up the good cookie bits so that we only got a bit of a real taste for what it could be like. Ah, Joss. And–scene. I'll have to stop there. But you should definitely start with Buffy!

    On a side note, are either of you going to be at AWP?

  9. No, I've not heard of the new adult line, but it seems like a clever market to tap. Still, all the women I know who are reading Twilight are in their forties and fifties.

    Lauren, what's AWP?

    Stephanie, we HAVE to remedy the Buffy situation. Plus, Dollhouse. My brain is blown by that show. A must.

  10. Tracie, AWP is a ginormous writer's conference (mainly people from MFA programs go, but it draws huge crowds). Here's a link!


    This year Michael Chabon is the keynote, and George Saunders (one of my faves) will be there, to boot.

    I have Dollhouse and all the Buffys on dvd–maybe I can sneak it into my suitcase when we descend upon the sorority house. I am tempted to make a joke about all CWers being in a sisterhood…but must stop.

  11. I don't have AWP on my schedule. Lauren, if you're attending, I'd love to hear or read about your experience.

    You can both count me in for a Buffy and/or Dollhouse viewing!

  12. Can I be part of the sisterhood? Pretty please? I've been working on CW reading a little. I have to recommend Ian McDonald's Desolation Road. Pyr just reissued it in trade paperback, and it's just awesome. I've heard good things about Cybrabad Days. I bought Joyce's The Tooth Fairy via Amazon…still waiting on that to arrive.

    (P.S. Buffy is also awesome.)

  13. Frank: the more, the merrier! 🙂 And thanks for those recommendations.

  14. First, you have to survive the hazing, Frank. We'll go easy on you since you've already met the Buffy criteria.

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