Less bad, more good

Well, I did it; I broke down and went to the doctor. Aside from the cost, I just dislike going for medical help. I’d rather take care of myself, be all holistic and stuff. That usually translates into weeks of illness, but luckily only once or twice a year. This year has been no different. After two weeks of coughing, part of which included being unable to speak for days, and feeling poorly, I gave in. Now I’ve got antibiotics and nasal spray and pills galore.

Consequence? Feeling less bad, but still not great. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my week off.
The ever-present, silver-lining analysis is that I got to finish Ian McDonald’s The Broken Land in record time because I’ve been lounging around reading, in addition to watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings DVD set and most episodes of Firefly. And eating ramen.
Today, I got up off the couch and cleaned my desk! Woo! Then I jumped on the computer and did my best to whip three other people into action on an academic manuscript we’ve been aggressively procrastinating with for almost a year. It occurred to me that my timetable for completing the job before summer is fairly short, and after summer, I don’t plan to care about academic garbage for a long while.
It has been a pretty good day.

2 thoughts on “Less bad, more good”

  1. I know exactly how ya feel, I try to avoid seeing a Western Medicine Doctor at all costs, but unfortunately when I finally break down and go see one, I usually don't believe much of what they say or take what they prescribe.
    It's a trust issue.
    But congrats on reading and other productivity. ^^

  2. Agreed. There's also the issue of not being insured, and hence automatically being treated differently. Sigh. At least the antibiotic was free, and it has worked. I feel SO much better. I just hate that I couldn't fight it on my own.

    I'm glad to return to normal functioning.

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