All Quiet (Except for Godzilla)

The Internets are atwitter with news that a gobbet of rejection flew out of Clarion (San Diego) in the past twenty-four hours, but as for me, no news from Clarion West yet. I feel weirdly blocked during the wait. I haven’t written anything since the deadline for submission passed on March 1.

I know I should be doing the opposite, writing like crazy to stave off the anxiety, but it seems I’d rather not think about it at all. If I don’t think about it, the rejection won’t arrive, or something like that.

Plus, it’s a little hard to concentrate with Mr. B sick (again); he’s curled up on the couch watching Godzilla: Tokyo SOS over and over. Now, if I was writing a giant monster story, that would make a great writing soundtrack, but…

3 thoughts on “All Quiet (Except for Godzilla)”

  1. I'm sorry to hear that Mr. B is sick, I hope he gets well soon (though I must admit I find it a touch hilarious that he's watching Godzilla over and over, lol) and I say Take Heart!! If it hasn't been rejected yet then it musta made it past the first round of grading (or something like that). Just keep up your positive thoughts and remember that I'll be rooting for you!!

  2. Hoping for the best for you. If you need more distractions, videos have arrived on the LB blog including such treasured memories as the 1989 Christmas Party, the Hick Family On Vacation and Cedar Chips.

  3. Oh, no. Now you can blackmail me for sure, if ever you decide to make the LB blog public. Which I hope you won't.

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