Clarion West, and a theft

I’m thoughtful and mostly calm about my Clarion West application, so far, not like last year’s histrionics. I finally joined the online forum for applicants, so I feel connected to the collective angst.

For my application, I submitted a revision of the story that I used last year as one of two stories for Clarion (the other one), and it feels a little crummy to do that. First, if it wasn’t accepted last year, why use it again? I’m convinced it’s a promising story, and I made some changes for the better. Second, I realized I’ve been working since last year on two stories that I’ve not yet finished. To be fair, one is a novel, and I wrote several flash pieces in the meantime, but the output otherwise is pathetically low. One thing that NaNoWriMo taught me is to let go of some responsibilities so I can write more, but the increase in pace has been marginal.
So, what’s the problem? Some of it, I think, is the fact that my favorite ideas, the unfinished ones, are ones that began with a seed, not a whole picture, whereas the finished ones hit me all at once. They were complete pictures that just needed to find a way out onto the page. I’m still floundering around trying to figure out what those unfinished stories are really about and how I want them to end. Now, I know that’s not inherently a bad thing, but I get stuck and can’t seem to get unstuck.
The other issue is discipline. If I don’t work consistently, it’s not going to happen. I spend way more time reading than writing.
Anyway, enough whining.
On another note, someone stole a big wooden statue of Buddha from my front porch. What kind of dick steals a Buddha? It galls me a bit. I don’t feel especially angry, though. I hope thieving individual at least gets some spiritual satisfaction out of it, however tainted. I should write about it, if for no other reason than spite.

5 thoughts on “Clarion West, and a theft”

  1. Stealing Buddah. Great story title. And what would be Buddah's reaction to that? Brilliant little supernatural story idea. The only problem might be that the POV character has to be the thief, and that might be tough to portray sympathetically. Still a great idea.

    Oh, and good luck.

  2. Yep, I'm going to have to write it now. I was kidding, but you've got me thinking.

    A whole cluster of Tales of the Stolen Buddha may emerge.

  3. Love the stolen buddha thing. Could be made into a creepy monkeys paw kind of story. Man at end of his rope – steals a buddha because he is desperate for a change of luck. Which he promptly gets – only each granting of desire only serves to bring new wants to the surface – until the fellow realizes that desire is not solved by having the things we crave. Can be made rather clinical and dry or creepy and gorey with dead pet returning from the grave and house burning to the ground so that a big check arives in the mail. Lil Cliche – but hey this is america we love imitation.

    Or Conversely, and less interestingly, it could the first link in a chain of life altering events all tied to the uncontrollable desire to have a statue which has apparently brought good luck.

  4. I should have known this sort of stuff was contagious. Lol
    But, would buddha approve of competition? : )

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