It’s Friday, the 20th of March, and there is still nothing from Clarion. Yet.

Mr. B and I went to homeschool playgroup and to the farmers’ market, and I checked my phone for email alerts about every fifteen minutes or so. You know, casually, trying not to seem disinterested in regular life.

I have cramps, it’s the first day of spring, and momentous news should arrive any time now. I need a nap, but I don’t know if I would sleep, as keyed up as I feel.

In other news, Mr. B is a Sith Lord.

5 thoughts on “So?”

  1. I finally went to see Ranney at Hollywood Studios on the 12th. Awesome. Has your Sith ever participated in the Jedi Training School? Too precious! Ranney says sometimes they let the dads join in on Father’s Day.

  2. Actually, I’m looking at the schedule now, and it’s called Jedi Training Academy (20-minute attraction near Star Tours). They offered eight shows the day I visited. An actor and an assistant, dressed as Jedis, teach a bunch of kids Jedi philosophy and a fight sequence to use in a one-on-one confrontation with Darth Vadar, when he and his Storm Troopers invade the stage. Each child gets to wear a cape and use a toy light saber during the big moment (photo op). They get some type of souvenir, too. I think only about a dozen children are chosen per show, but I expect, given the number of opportunities through the day, persistent families can ensure their children a chance.

  3. (And a million years later, you linked to the dog photo…)

    She’s beautiful! I sometimes feel guilty I don’t have kids, because there’s a special bond dogs don’t have with adults. We’re large, commanding, and even though a dog will protect us if called upon, I don’t think they are really aware it’s a possibility. With a kid around, though, a dog is given a job they understand and love: to follow and protect. I think just this single photo proves she’s happy to fill that loyal role that thousands of years of ancestral companionship has defined for her. <3

  4. Oh, thank you 🙂

    When folks got to talking about the pups and posting their photos, I wracked my brain to think where I had previously posted a photo of Cinder.

    The amazing thing about this dog (other than the fact that’s she’s super-smart) is she changed my son’s life, and to a certain extent, mine. Mr. B had a serious dog phobia when he was younger, and the sight of even a small dog would make him panic and cry. His friends teased him about it and sometimes purposely sent him into hysterics. We had a long talk about it, and when we came upon this puppy in dire need of rescue (a whole other story), we made a commitment to overcome his fear.

    As a cat person, I’d never had a dog before, and training her was a challenge, but now she’s my kid’s best buddy and protector. Like you said, that’s her job, and she’s so loyal to him. It’s a job to watch.

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