And, so?

It is after 8:30 P.M. here, and still no word. I just keep telling myself that reviewers are probably on Pacific time, so it’s early yet for them. Here, it feels very late.

I took a nap (I had a weird dream that there was a neglected dog living in my garage) and then went out for dinner, leaving my phone at home so I couldn’t check email. After that, I took Cinder-Boo out for a long walk (see Sith’s apprentice in earlier post), and then cooked her dinner. Yes, she is that spoiled (and/or I am that yuppy-ish these days). Then I checked the emails again. Still nothing.

Sigh. I’m not even going to speculate. Not out loud, anyway. I need a hug.

4 thoughts on “And, so?”

  1. Tracie,

    I got a hug for you since I need one, too. Funny how similar your post is to mine.

  2. Ditto, again! Stressed-out minds think alike. I have to stop checking email and just look again in the morning or something. I’ve been stress-eating, and now I have a headache.

    It stinks that there’s no place on the Clarion Blog, which apparently hasn’t been updated since October, for SD applicants to network and give each other support. It is so great that there’s even reviewer support going on there.

    Giant Hug!

  3. Lately, Witty eats pureed salmon and celery Ranney fixes for her. Thankfully, Chlopin and Veruca still live off of Dog Chow and Kitten Chow.

    Best wishes!

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