An Internal Process

Motherpeace Tarot Ace of Wands
Motherpeace Tarot Ace of Wands
I’ve posted a few “tarot of the day” recently, and I’ve decided, to my surprise, to discontinue.

The Motherpeace Tarot is amazing. Some of the art is crude-seeming, but the message of the deck is deep internal process and growth. Each card’s interpretation asks you to consider the ways in which self-aware change is possible. I’m still looking at a card every day and discussing with my dear friend, but I’ve only posted the barest detail of the card reading here. I think it’s because the process I’m actively engaged in is an internal one, and frankly not very interesting to share! It feels more intuitive, less quantifiable.

I’ll end my public exploration here, with one of the most enjoyable images of the deck, the Ace of Wands. Huzzah!

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