Tell a Stranger They’re Beautiful Tuesday #8

This beautiful woman I met in Tampa exuded a sweet and open spirit. Plus, face-paint and a kitten! Sadly, I was so enamored of the kitten that I failed to catch her name.

I haven’t approached many women while collecting for this series, as I’ve said. Sometimes it’s just nerves, and once, it backfired (I think).

At a pub this weekend in LA, I said to a curvy, confident server (who was not classically pretty but beautiful in a tough, alt-girl kid of way), “You are just drop-dead sexy!” Before skittering away, she thanked me. She was clearly mortified, and maybe she should have been. Although I meant it sincerely, “sexy” is not the best way to compliment someone you don’t know, for lots of reasons.

I didn’t ask her for a photo. Dual-reinforcing mortification. But I learned a bit from that encounter.

Stay tuned, and if you like, send me your beautiful photos.