The Single Best Thing

One of my Clarion West buds just sent me a critique of my latest effort at a short story. A really solid crit. And that may be the Single Best Thing to come out of the CW experience.

Not only do I have great friends who keep in touch and tweet pictures of their lunches to me, who chat with me about theology and life and finding fulfillment, but we are also lending generous hands to each other in our continuing work.

Even better, we’ll get a chance to further that effort when we meet up again at events like World Fantasy Con.

Thanks, peeps! You made my day.

2 thoughts on “The Single Best Thing”

  1. As a tweeter I would tweet twice the tweets of other tweeters if tweeting tweets wasn't totally too transient for my tedious timeschedule – tragic – I'm sure its truly trandscendant.

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