Journey’s Beginning (Random Pre-flight Ramblings)

Up early and eager to go. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I hate flying with a passion. If I could avoid it in a reasonable manner, I would, but I can’t see traveling for days and days clear across the country for this workshop.

So, I’m packing my usual pile of flight survival drugs and earplugs and so on, in hopes that I won’t get sick or have to endure excruciating ear pain.

The packing is almost complete, I just have to shuffle things around so my pillow will fit. I’m happy to report that I located a satchel in my closet that will accommodate my groovy but unnecessary doumbek, so now I can add one more parcel to the three I’ll already be trying to manage.

Now I’ve just got to wake my boys so we can finish up and hit the road to the airport.

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