My Brain Hurts

I apologize in advance for the rambling…

Too much is going on in here! I’m still thinking and working on the new story, “Her Bones, The Bones of the Dead,” which I was half-hoping to finish in time for submission to Clarion (San Diego) by tomorrow’s deadline. However, I’ve been UU-ing all weekend and feel a bit used up!

It sounds weird, but more than one person has told me lately that I’m a good leader and would make a good minister, the kind of thing I was thinking myself, late last year. I’ve pushed that into the background so I could stay focused on writing. Now, I’ve been asked to serve the UU in a greater capacity (though, of course, not as a minister), and I took three whole days to think it over before saying “yes.”
I’m still writing because writing means a great deal to me. That is unlikely to change. I can’t explain why. It’s hard to describe although folks are always trying (read some of the responses to Jamie Grove’s “Writing Is…” post to see what I mean).
I actually found myself wondering what would happen if I wrote about UU stuff. Maybe this is not entirely off-base, as there’s at least one sci-fi story out there that deals with UUism in the future. Wish I could remember the title! BTW, Kurt Vonnegut, Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury, among others, were UUs.
Unitarian Universalism is trying hard to be the religion of the future, but they’re not quite there yet. I was proud to be present for Rev. Bonnie Devlin’s talk today, in which she charged UU folks to grow up and get off their butts so the message of UUism can get out there into the world.