Tickle, tickle

Five whole weeks without a post! No excuse really. I wasn’t too busy or any of that. I just didn’t feel like it. The break between semesters was very relaxing, and I’ve been reading a lot, which feels something like getting to eat your fill when you’re hungry (I would think). I finally felt a tiny tickle in the back of my mind this morning that said, “psst! Yer blog is fallow, you know.”

The new term is off and running, and I’ve found some kind of groove that is making the classes easy and satisfying. My students are raptly attentive, and I’m feeling a little perplexed and extremely grateful. In spite of that, I’ve given notice concerning my desire to take the next two terms off; I want to focus on writing, Mr. B, and community service. Writing, of course, is the one that’s getting the least attention.
The only big news is that my sister had her baby; I can’t wait until spring break so I can go up to NY to see them.
I’ve stopped watching news about Haiti because it makes me cry; I’ve lost myself in Children of God by Mary Doria Russell, which puts a sci-fi spin on the old “why-God-makes-bad-things-happen” theme.

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