Wherein She (Sighs) and Some Whining is Heard

I just need to get this out:

I’m really struggling with the NaNoWriMo novel. I’m making more time to write, but I keep getting frozen. Sometimes it’s there, and I write for like crazy for an hour or so. Presto, a decent scene happens. Other times, I’m just staring at it, and nothing is working. I have an outline and everything! I’m not feeling it, but I know it’ll come back because it has before.

I’m supposed to be at +15K, and I haven’t quite rounded 6K. I’ve changed tense and recently, point-of-view. Both changes were good, and I did not waste time going back to edit in the new modes. I’m trying to be optimistic, to believe that the plot will snap into place and everything will flow the right way.

Admittedly, I’m distracted by other things (teaching three classes, homeschooling, rebooting our pagan group, gardening), but at least I’m putting the time in. I’m pleased to report that I’ve officially quit one of the committees I was chairing at the UU, and I’m working on letting go of two other obligations. Very liberating, although it was very hard to initiate. I hate letting people down.

I’m not giving up on what makes me happy!