Journey’s End, Writer’s Block

It’s frustrating to see my blog sit fallow for 5 weeks, but it’s a worse feeling when there’s no writing to show for that time, either. Aargh!
I’ve just returned from upstate New York, where I attended my kid sister’s baby shower and took a few photos. I bought some apples and cheese, ate some bad food.
It’s a picturesque place, but I’m glad to be home.
The pic is from the old mill district in Little Falls, a few minutes from my sister’s place in the dismal town of Herkimer. At least the foliage was colorful.
I’m alive. As usual, I close with empty promises to blog more often.

5 thoughts on “Journey’s End, Writer’s Block”

  1. Blocked? Been there…recently. What got me going was forcing myself to write for a quick deadline. (I think I forced out a flash story in two days for a contest.) Increased pressure for short periods of time can dislodge blockages. It worked for my writing and my tub drain, so there must be something to it.

    Good luck with NNWM (above). Oh, and I like the new look.


  2. Thanks! Yeah, I thrive on pressure, too. Hopefully, this will pay off. I'm excited to participate.

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