Need for Speed!

My sweet little iBook, from whence all this blogging goodness emerges, can’t keep up with me. It is incredibly frustrating to compose on a computer and have the words sometimes appear more slowly than I am typing. And it needs upgrades it can’t handle (like Flash, grr, SLOW).

You can support my writing habit, er, career with the Smarty Pig widget on the right. Smarty Pig is basically a virtual piggy bank, and a set number of dollars goes into each month from my (our) account. My goal is to write at least ten times as many words each week as the amount of money deposited monthly. So far, doing pretty good (see previous post). Maybe I can get up to ten times as many daily, if this keeps up.

Every penny helps! Yes, I am shameless.

2 thoughts on “Need for Speed!”

  1. I'm glad to see your piggy filling up. I bet you'd get more blog traffic (and more potential donors) if you posted more updates.

    Besides, we miss you. (But don't stop your real writing.)

  2. You are SO good at giving me the occasional subtle kick-in-the-pants.

    Much appreciated.

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