Good Reason to Check One’s Pockets

…before placing jeans in the dryer.

Check out the toasty color achieved, kinda like a perfectly roasted marshmallow.

5 thoughts on “Good Reason to Check One’s Pockets”

  1. What is it? Earphones?

    A couple of times Ranney has left an ink pen in his pants pocket, causing permanent black splotches on several items of clothing.

    I have some sheets of my grandmother’s with green spots from a crayon someone left in a dryer at Winter Oaks.

  2. I find crazy things in pockets when I do wash like DS games and earbuds even a whole candy bar once. Alas, it was me that ruined an entire load with a tube of bright red lipstick!

  3. When I wash and dry my Burt’s Bees lip balm (SO many times), I am sad. Sometimes it survives, if I catch it before the pants hit the dryer.

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