I am finally reviving the old blog, after a long hiatus. Time slips away when I schedule it to the hilt, and that means I’ve finally realized something basic that anyone could have told me: I didn’t lose my zen, and no one took it. I gave it away. I’m still doing that, but I’m slowly getting better.

I gave it away to:

–PCC, every time I signed a full-time contract.

–Waste, to where, I don’t really know, but it went, and I’m unhappy about it.

–Television, a profoundly addicting escape.

–Time spent wishing I could write but not doing it.

–Volunteer work, which gratifies me but is also slowly sucking life out of me.

What I’m doing to make it better:

–saying no.

–practicing magick.

–gardening, which means slowing down.

–writing. Ah, writing.

3 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. Have you read UTOPIA? I have yet to do so, although I have been interested ever since hearing about it in 10th grade World History class. Between THE TUDORS and the research I did as dramaturg for the Christopher Durang plays at UCF, my admiration of Sir Thomas More’s eloquence and courage in upholding his convictions has increased.

    Best wishes to you in your pursuits.

    Love you!

  2. I have a copy of Utopia in the shelf and have never read it. Maybe one day. Thank you for your sweet comments. I am drowning in commitments and, as usual, need to slow down. Blogging a bit is one way to encourage myself to think about what I am doing and why.

    Love you!

  3. THE SATANIC VERSES – probably number one on my personal must read list – has sat beside my bed since the beginning of Winter Break. Although this week is Spring Break, I doubt I will start it again until summer. Between the 19th and the 24th, I have two presentations and two papers due. Then come two group projects, another presentation, and two final projects, in addition to all of the usual work, before the end of the semester.

    Yet, I cannot complain, because I doubt I would rather do anything else. After letting thirteen years pass between my BA and beginning my MA, I want to give my best effort. Despite overwhelming demands, I feel as grateful for this opportunity as I do for the reasons behind the seemingly endless housework and pet care responsibilities. Still it gets heavy sometimes.

    Best wishes!

    Let me know when you can do something with me or us.


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