No More, Make It Stop!

I’ve just been over reading posts on the Clarion West forum, where some familiar names are joshing around and wringing their hands in a nervous sweat. See, I was over there because Clarion San Diego, or East, as some folks are calling it, doesn’t have a forum for applicants. Hence, a thread was started over on the CW form, and lot of folks there applied to CSD and CW, so it’s relevant for them. All manner of second-guessing and over-analyzing going on. I realized that I can’t take it, and I’m going to go completely crazy if I keep reading all that stuff.

I’ll just hold my breath for the next 36 hours or so. That should be easier than trying to avoid the blogs and forums. Ha.

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4 thoughts on “No More, Make It Stop!”

  1. Indeed. You and Randy are hoot-worthy, keeping it light. I just can’t take all the second-guessing. I actually checked my application to be sure my phone number was right and so on. Not knowing when other people are being contacted is very frustrating. I am so anxious that it’s a major effort to focus on anything else! Thanks for dropping by, and for the good wishes!

  2. Damn, I just looked at the forum again. Aargh! No more.

    Why doesn’t Clarion SD have a cool forum like that?

  3. 🙂 Maybe they’re just all serious and stuff.

    Of course, it may just be an issue of general suckiness of websites… I did a Hugo roundup post on my site today. You wouldn’t believe how many awful sites I looked at: publishers, editors, and AUTHORS!

    Maybe I should ditch this writing thing and focus on making websites for people in publishing.

    Then again, Randy might have the right idea with his robot armies.

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