Had to do it!

This is so cool, I had to repost.

From E.J.’s blog over yonder:

“If I were an earthworm….”

“If I were a dragonfly….”

Over at the Sundance Channel website, you can watch Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno videos, in which she dresses up in colorful costumes and enthusiastically and accurately demonstrates the sexual behaviors of various invertebrates. Utterly fabulous.

Check it out, especially those folks I know are Rossellini fans.

4 thoughts on “Had to do it!”

  1. Oh? I haven’t watched much TV lately. I just love how matter-of-fact she is about it, and the costuming is fab. I’m thinking of showing them to Mr. B, since he’s very into life cycles of bugs and all. I haven’t watched all of them yet, but obviously they are about sex, and some people think kids shouldn’t be exposed to that.

  2. You know I would not disapprove! I haven’t followed the link to watch them, yet. I forget who interviewed her and when, but it was months ago, if not longer.

  3. Kids are and/or will be exposed to sex anyway. I think it’s better to hear about it from an informed source than on their own. It also important to let them know that it’s a natural part of life and make them comfortable to discuss it with you. Of course, every kid is different and you need to gauge how much information they’re ready for. Brad and I have talked very candidly with Taylor and she is comfortable asking us questions and coming to us with problems. Keegan however is a little more skittish about the subject so there hasn’t been as much discussion.

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