Go, go, gadget optimism!

I am occupied by other thoughts, and I am not, not, not freaking out! I am taking stupid pictures of myself (which I will have to add later because Blogger is acting stupid and won’t let me upload).

I am harvesting collards that I grew with my own two black-thumbed hands, and cooking them for my pagan group’s potluck (photo).

I am making out with my husband in the driveway in full view of my neighbors (no photo).

I am thankful to other people for their support and good wishes. I am not complaining.

Edit: Sorry the pics are sloppy, I really don’t get what is going on with Blogger right now. But there they are, anyhow.

6 thoughts on “Go, go, gadget optimism!”

  1. I’ve kept my mind off things by having a huge blowout fight with my mother. Since my folks were supposed to be kicking in on my tuition, I may not be able to afford it anyway. Life could be worse.


  2. Sorry for the delay; it’s been busy today here. No, I have not heard anything at all, which seems strange to me. I will probably call on Monday during “business hours.” Maybe I’ll get through to a person who can tell me something about the delay.

    I know it’s not fair to compare, but Seattle seems to have it together a bit better, especially in terms of good communication.

  3. Tracie,

    I’ll add my email to the stack if I haven’t heard by tomorrow evening. I’m giving them the weekend to get things straight and most of Monday to get contacts out. If it’s only rejections they have left, it should take a matter of minutes for a mass email. It’s acceptances that take a while since they need confirmation, probably confirmation before rejections are sent out. Don’t want to reject someone then invite them later. Anyway, a note on the website about the extended deadline would have helped.

  4. Agreed, a note would have been nice. I like how you always seem to have an angle on multiple possibilities. I’m trying to remain hopeful.

  5. Good news and bad news. Good news: I got my email from Clarion SD. The bad news should be obvious.

    I’m holding out hope for my waitlist spot in Seattle, but I won’t hold my breath. I guess I just keep at it and apply again next year.

    I’ll check back to see how things work out for you. Keep in touch.


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